Sun Zone

SPA “Młyn” gives at guests disposal high quality tanning beds, our beds guarantee safe and healthy tan. The cabins are equipped with lamps stimulating production of melatonin and vitamin d3, called the vitamin of life. Regular sessions:

  • prevent osteoporosis
  • lower blood pressure
  • lower the risk of getting an infection
  • strengthen the muscles
  • reduce the risk of some types of cancer

MegaSun 7900 alpha is one of the biggest tanning beds on the market at the moment. The bed has profiled, ergonomic surface to lie on providing extreme comfort through the whole session. In order to achieve this effect bed has numerous additional options: pureAir (refreshes and ionizes the air), megaVoice (a soothing voice guides the customer through the user function of the bed), aroma (the air is aromatised during the session), musicVibrations (allows to sense the music vibrations by generating homogeneous sound). MegaSun is equipped with 54 tanning lamps X-traTan and pigmenting lamps, which stimulate the production of melanin - responsible for skin pigment and sun protection.

Duration                                        Price

1 min                                          1,80 PLN

ticket 50 minutes                                80 PLN

ticket 100 minutes                              150 PLN

Collarium is a device combining collagen therapy and UV irradiation. Thanks to appropriate wave length collagen lamps stimulate collagen production. As a result:

  • skin is oxygenated and firm
  • toxins are removed smoothly
  • the body absorbs water more easily

A skin analysis sensor is responsible for intensity of the tanning, which guarantees beautiful, healthy tan and visibly rejuvenated skin. The sessions takes 20 minutes.

Duration                                    Price

 1 session                                             40 PLN

  ticket 5 sessions                                   180 PLN

ticket 10 sessions                                 350 PLN

Space 3000It is a unique cabin with tanning and body modelling effect.

The device has Nano-vibrating floor the customer can choose from one of three programs:

  • wellness - improves metabolism, has a stress relieving effect
  • slim - reduces body weight, has anti-cellulite effect
  • fitness - shapes the body, boost muscle growth

The cabin has 52 tanning lamps. Additionally the device is equipped with advanced cooling system ensuring quiet session.

Duration                                        Price

1 min                                         1,60 PLN

ticket 50 minutes                                75 PLN

ticket 100 minutes                               140 PLN


For more information or in order to make a reservation please contact the SPA reception:

tel. + 48 728 446 530


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