Hotel “Młyn” is located in a renovated building where used to be a salt mill at the beginning of 20th century. The mill was built in 1902 and his owner was Lejb Stern. The reason for this construction was competition between salt supplier living under former Russian annexation J. Bałaszem (he had his own salt mill) and mentioned already Lejb Stern, who was the only salt seller from Ciechocinek in the country.

Lejb Stern was importing salt ore from Theodosia in Crimea. Salt was shipped to Gdańsk and from there on barges (small boats) transported to Włocławek. The salt was cleaned, dried and ground into different types.

There were over a dozen employees working in the mill and daily production on average was reaching 2 carriages per day which was about 30 000 kilograms. The competition between the mills continued until 1909 and caused salt prices in the country to drop. In 1908 Stern let the mill to company from Netherlands which run the enterprise until 1914. When the country’s monopoly was introduced the mill was shut down.

Hotel “Młyn” in its current state welcomed first guests on December 31th 2002.

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